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How Physical Fitness Influencers Work With Marketing Agencies

By Reneir Cruise
June 1, 2024

What is a (Physical) fitness influencer? That is most likely a blog aka article for another time. In short and from My Perspective, they are the ones that are in the public eye and have achieved some of their Physical goals … which then shows through the journey that they have shared … and hopefully inspires others. I have also been reflecting on what a fitness influencer was in the 1990’s going into 2024. That will also need to be in another blog. For now, while the modern fitness influencer has many tools including Adobe Premiere Pro for Video Editing and TikTok for Digital Promotion, having the time and energy, even another person’s expertise, can prove to be that x factor to reaching that next level.

That is where fitness influencers often work with a marketing agency, to leverage their online presence and reach a wider audience while focusing their own time and energy to continuing to improve their Physical fitness. Here’s how the collaboration typically works:

Identification and Outreach: Marketing agencies often scout for influencers who have similar interests with their clients’ brand image and target audience. They may use various tools and platforms to identify influencers who have a significant following and engagement in the fitness niche.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Identification and Outreach: I will admit that LinkedIn can be almost any businesses’ best friend. At the end of the day, nothing really beats having strong working relationships referring You to their network of connections. Part of that is a big reason why MAGNA APEX is becoming more and more involved in The Fitness World. I spend much time and energy there on a weekly basis and it has become only natural that connections will be forged, starting at The Physical Gym.

Proposal and Negotiation: Once potential influencers are identified, the marketing agency reaches out to them with collaboration proposals. These proposals outline the campaign objectives, deliverables, compensation, and any other relevant terms. Negotiations may occur to finalize the details of the collaboration, including the scope of work and payment.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Proposal and Negotiation: Of the several prospects over the years that I have worked with, there have been a few common factors that determine if a marketing deal for a collaboration can be made. Those are:

  • The Workflow Expectations
  • The Deliverable Timeline 
  • Of Course, The Financial Compensation

Campaign Planning:  Once an agreement is made, the influencer and the marketing agency collaborate on developing a campaign strategy that aligns with the client’s goals. This may involve brainstorming content ideas, setting timelines, and determining key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the campaign’s success.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Campaign Planning: If the working relationship is really flowing, this is where I have found this phase to be very rewarding. Clients that I have worked with are filled with high energy of things to come. An example of this is when Clients bring in some of their previous assets including older videos and want to mesh it with a newer video to be created by MAGNA APEX and/or it’s creative partner, Blue C.

Content Creation: The influencer creates content based on the agreed-upon strategy. This could include sponsored posts on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube videos featuring the client’s products or services, blog posts, or other types of content.

Content Approval and Revisions: The influencer submits the content to the marketing agency for review. The agency ensures that the content meets the client’s requirements and brand guidelines. Revisions may be requested if necessary.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Content Creation: Especially when working with a Creative team, this is 1 of the most fun parts of collaboration with Clients that include Physical fitness influencers. Being able to pick their minds and combine it with My Own Thoughts has really made for the best result, even for My Own Content. I have learned from different angles when filming My Own Physical Workouts, such as having My Camera start right at the bar as I push up to give more of a 1st person perspective.

Content Distribution: Once the content is approved, the marketing agency assists in distributing it across various channels. This could involve scheduling posts, optimizing content for SEO, and utilizing paid advertising to maximize reach and engagement.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Content Distribution: We have used several platforms. Always need to have an organic presence on Google with an SEO Campaign. From a Social Media perspective for Physical Fitness Influences, TikTok is usually the goto as it is able to showcase a portfolio of many short video clips that can be shared with a link. TikTok and Instagram also staples when it comes to having a Paid Campaign for distribution of that content.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Throughout the campaign, the marketing agency monitors the performance of the influencer’s content using analytics tools. They track metrics such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversions to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. Regular reports are shared with the client and the influencer to keep them informed of the campaign’s progress.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Performance Monitoring and Reporting: I usually like to have a 1 stop reporting tool. Currently, Google’s Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) has been enough as it is able to combine data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and TikTok. As needed, Facebook and Instagram have been added.

Payment and Compensation: Upon successful completion of the campaign deliverables, the influencer receives compensation as per the agreed-upon terms. This could be a flat fee, a commission based on performance, free products, or a combination of these.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Payment and Compensation: I will admit that this can be the 1 of more challenging steps. This is why it is crucial that expectations are set during The Proposal and Negotiation Phase. Additionally, having a fit that works for both parties is also crucial in making this phase when either Myself or Team Member have sent out an invoice.

Relationship Management: The marketing agency maintains communication with the influencer to nurture the relationship for future collaborations. This includes providing feedback, addressing any issues that may arise, and exploring opportunities for ongoing partnerships.

MAGNA APEX’s Take on Relationship Management: This is essentially taking all of the concepts above and combining it into this 1 concept. If all is solid with those phases, then maintaining the working relationship, especially with a Fitness Influencer who constantly on go manages to seamless overall.

Overall, collaboration between fitness influencers and marketing agencies can be mutually beneficial, allowing brands to tap into the influencer’s audience and credibility to promote their products or services effectively.

About The Author

Reneir Cruise is the founder of MAGNA APEX, which he deems The “FITNESS” digital marketing agency. He is also the founder of URPERSONA, which was originally a separate studio and is now The Creative Department of MAGNA APEX.