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Organic Search (SEO) Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEO, is a type of relationship marketing designed to organically attract visitors to your site in the long-term. Several strategies are used including keyword maps, content calendars, and influencer outreach. In the end, this can generate awareness as well as increase your quantity and quality of leads for your brand.

Relevant content with Google has been proven to increase your Google rankings, which amounts to increased traffic and leads as part of your return on an investment. This is where Copywriting for SEO comes into play and is managed with a Calendar.

With the right expectation SEO is that is a long-term play, it can make other type of marketing efforts much easier.

Paid Search (PPC) Marketing

Paid Search Marketing, also known as PPC, is the counterpart to SEO. PPC is a type of transaction marketing that builds off our SEO efforts to close that lead when they are further along in their decision making process. This is strategically launched and manged with paid ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Copywriting for PPC is necessary to compliment images and videos in the Campaign Ads. This keeps your target audience engaged in so they can fulfill their call to action. The most common call to actions include lead form submissions & order completions.

PPC is a short term play that goes well when a brand is established through SEO,  which can make PPC Campaigns more cost effective and successful.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Social Media and Email Marketing, also known as SME, compliments SEO and PPC. Having a strong organic social media presence increases your brand’s credibility, which can increase opportunities for influencer outreach during your SEO Campaign and increase the number of credible leads with your PPC Campaign.

Social Media Posts and Email Newsletter both require Copywriting for SME. While the voice and tone will still match your brand, the style and format of writing needed will be different.

While SME overlaps with SEO and PPC, it’s campaigns can be successful without having established SEO and PPC Campaigns in the past.