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What Type Of Content Can Digital Agencies Create For Fitness Influencers?

By Reneir Cruise
March 1, 2024

Digital agencies working with fitness influencers can create a variety of content to engage and appeal to their audience. The key is to produce content that aligns with the influencer’s brand and resonates with their followers AKA their target audience. Let’s look at some types of content that digital agencies can create for fitness influencers.

Physical Workout Videos

  • These high-quality workout videos can incorporate proper form demonstrations and showcase different exercises, routines, and/or training techniques and
    • Tip: Quick callouts educate and motivate viewers.

Live Physical Workouts and Q&A Sessions

  • Host live workout sessions or Q&A sessions on platforms like Instagram Live or YouTube.
    • Tip: Chat allows followers to interact in real-time including asking questions and/or providing feedback.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

  • Provide a glimpse into the influencer’s daily life, training routines, and preparation for events or competitions.
    • Tip: Personal anecdotes and challenges from the influencer help establish a human connection.

Event Coverage

  • Attend and cover fitness events, competitions, or workshops.
    • Tip: Provide event highlights, interviews with participants, and insights into the fitness community.

Nutrition and Meal Preparation Guides

  • These guides are centered around healthy eating, meal planning, and nutrition advice.
    • Tip: Meal prep videos and/or infographics would be visual options to make it easy to reference for followers to adopt healthier eating habits.

Transformation Stories

  • Share inspirational transformation stories of individuals who have achieved fitness goals with the help of the influencer’s guidance.
    • Tip: The use before-and-after visuals and testimonials to highlight the effectiveness of the fitness programs can showcase an individual’s progress to help inspire others.

Product Reviews and Recommendations

  • Review fitness-related products, equipment, or supplements.
    • Tip: Collaboration with brands can bloom into sponsored content or affiliate partnerships.

Educational Content

  • Create informative content about different aspects of fitness, such as the science behind certain exercises, the mental benefits of specific training methods, or even debunking common fitness myths.
  • Tip: Develop polls, quizzes, or interactive stories with the intent to educate and engage followers on social media.

Gamification Campaigns

  • These challenges are similar to that of loyalty programs and video game achievements and encourage followers to participate and share their progress.
    • Tip: Specific hashtags increase visibility and engagement, while also building a positive community.

Social Media Takeovers

  • Collaborate with influencers in related niches for cross-promotion and audience expansion.
    • Tip: Allow influencers to take over each other’s social media accounts for a day to introduce followers to new content and perspectives.

Many of these content types can either be created as a standalone or work alongside each other as they do overlap. Remember, the key is to maintain authenticity and consistency with the influencer’s brand. The content should be informative and aligned with the target audience’s interests and goals.

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