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How A Digital Marketing Agency Brings Momentum In Your Life & Business

By Reneir Cruise
January 1, 2024

Digital Marketing Agencies have been a trendy term for at least the last decade. Over the last 12+ Years that I have been in this industry, many have come and gone, after promising the latest and greatest results. Let’s be real, there are many factors that are usually overlooked when those promises are made. There is also something called momentum, which I define as the energy and direction that something is going. All it takes is 1 of those factors going well for a Marketing Campaign to go from “cloud nine” to a downward spiral OR vice versa. This is where I have learned how to be more balanced with what is promised and delivered. Thus, helping to balance with that ebb and flow of momentum shifts.

Since at least the 20th century, Marketing and Advertising Agencies have been around in some form. While The Digital Marketing or Advertising Agency is still in its infancy stages, this is the type of company that lives on the internet and very rarely operates offline … unless of course Wi-Fi has gone down for a period of time and one has downloaded their data into spreadsheets and PDFs. Having your own backups is highly recommended, even with The Digital Cloud being around.

Why Do I Even Need This?

Many companies would say that they have their marketing department to create and manage their own digital campaigns, especially larger enterprises. While that is logistically possible, it is not always efficient. Here are some reasons why a hiring and partnering with a digital marketing agency is more efficient, especially for small to medium businesses:

  • Access to a marketing manager(s) and expert(s) are flexible and affordable compared to a team of employees.
  • Ability to reach a larger network of connections and relationships for brand credibility and leads.
  • Ease of on-boarding compared to a whole internal Marketing Department.
  • Specialized perspectives with a marketing manager(s) for campaigns to bring extra momentum.

What’s In It For You?

Services that a digital marketing agency offers are: 

While SEO organically streamlines your website for ranking on Google’s listings below Sponsored Ads, PPC bids on ad space for a spot with Sponsored Ads. When done right, your company would double the opportunity to acquire a lead from both Organic (SEO) and Paid (PPC) efforts. 

Social Media Marketing has both the ability to post organically and create paid Campaigns similar to Google. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. After Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing is the final marketing piece that involves creating and sending Newsletters to your leads that were gathered from SEO, PPC, & SMM efforts. 

Now that you know what you get, here are some things to look out for:

  • Clear and fair pricing models that communicate what will be included in agreements and statements of works.
  • Reporting that follows through what was initially agreed upon. * Note that sometimes things including goals change. That where communication on both sides to amend agreements is needed.
  • Collaboration that includes communication style and solutions that work with your company.

Who Is This For?

If You have a small to medium business that provides products or services, then a digital marketing agency could be for you! If you are part of an or own an enterprise business, then this could also be for you!

Since June 2012, MAGNA APEX, has been winning battles for clients including Toyota, Shutterstock, and Jonas Blade

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About The Author

Reneir Cruise is the founder of MAGNA APEX, which he deems The “FITNESS” digital marketing agency. He is also the founder of URPERSONA, which was originally a separate studio and is now The Creative Department of MAGNA APEX.